The PAPL grain-based distillery is spread over 11 acres in Sansarpur Terrace, Himachal Pradesh. Our state-of-the art distillery has independent power generation capacity of I.5 MW. We are currently operating at capacity of 85 KLPD ENA and 30 KLPD Ethanol, with plans to expand by 200 KLPD already underway. We follow a multi-pressure distillation process to ensure the consistently high quality alcohol production. The plant has been supplied by PRAJ Industries using their latest technology consisting of eco-smart grain and high fermentation process. Our management follows a Six Sigma based approach to ensure process improvement and enhanced performance.


Our focus on technology at every step is the backbone of our ability to consistently produce a superior quality product. We use SS 304 fermenters, conduct liquefaction and scarification in a single vessel and boil the fermented wash under vacuum under strictly controlled temperatures to ensure the complete elimination of quality discrepancies. The ENA produced at our facility meets the BIS 6613:2002 standards and the Ethanol produced meets the BIS 15464:2004 standards. The facility is equipped with a modern dryer for constant quality protein in DDGS soluble which is utilised for animal husbandry and dairy farming.


At PAPL we believe in ethical growth that ensures prosperity for all. Our facility meets all the government and industry specified compliance standards. When you partner with PAPL, you are assured of distillery products that are compliant with the highest Pharmaceutical and beverage alcohol purity and certification requirements. We employ processes for zero discharge of effluents to meet the standards set by the Ministry of Environment and Forest guidelines. Please click here for our compliance details.

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