Green PAPL

PAPL aims to lead from the front with initiatives that protect and conserve our environment.


We independently generate 1.5 MW electricity.

PAPL aims to increase energy production to 2MV. This is not only ecologically beneficial, it also creates a positive financial impact on company. Power generation helps us contribute to the community in which we operate by freeing the grid for supply of power to the surrounding areas.

Zero Liquid Discharge

PAPL has furthered its sustainability efforts by eliminating liquid waste from the manufacturing process. We not only have been able to scale down waste water, but also supply treated water that is suitable for irrigation, thereby creating economic and ecological value to the community.


Enhanced feed flexibility which ensures higher yelids.

Eco-Friendly production due to reduced power and water consumption.

Reduced wastage ensures economic benefits in the long term.

At PAPL we adhere to the 3 'R's of Ecological Conservation
Reduce. Recycle. Reuse.

DDGS is our biggest by product and supply it to the dairy and poultry farmers in the region to be used as high protein cattle feed.

The CO2 is recaptured, cylindered and recycled to be used for Industrial purposes, reducing costs and carbon footprints.

The Fly Ash that is produced is also compressed and recycled into bricks to be further used for construction purposes.

We prioritise business ties with environmentally responsible companies, these include partners, clients and suppliers.

Our manufacturing and management processes are based on efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle resources.

PAPL, works with the local community to plant indigenous tress around the facility to counteract CO2 emmisions.

Tech Lead Conservation

At PAPL we intent to adopt and adapt to the latest technologies that will help reduce our carbon foot print. With end-to-end automation, we aim to become India's most sustainable Alcohol, ENA and Ethanol manufacturers.