Best Management Practices

Our work is an unending pursuit of perfection in an endeavour to create value for all those we touch.

PAPL stands to drive positive change and pioneer a tech-first approach to spirit manufacturing.

Safety - First, Foremost & Always

PAPL is driven by a large and growing team of talented employees. We are fully cognisant of the fact that in the manufacturing industry safety has to be the top priority, and to that effect, as a policy we believe in going above and beyond the industry-standard safety practices. We regularly conduct stringent risk assessment surveys of our facility, which enables us to identify and rectify and eliminate potential threats to the safety of our personnel and assets. Every one of our workers on the production and warehouse floor has been provided with PPE equipment that is updated and replaced at regular intervals. We have installed fall arrestors for those who work at a height of over 4ft. The facility is equipped with automated fire hydrant systems in addition to flameproof electricals and equipment. We enforce a strict no mobile policy on the floor. At PAPL our safety SOPs include the timely maintenance of heavy machinery, ready availability of instructional manuals as well as the installation of manufacturer installed safety guards.

The management conducts safety training workshops that include evacuation drills to ensure that each employee is aware of safety procedures, specifically those pertaining to their individual domain. At the time of on-boarding a new employee we ensure that they trained in recognising, altering and rectifying the hazards they might be exposed to.

Leading With Learning

At PAPL we are true believers of the fact that learning is a life-long pursuit. We encourage employees at every level to continue their quest for knowledge because their development has a direct impact on the growth of the business as well. With robust up-skilling programs we intend to fill knowledge gaps while giving our workforce an opportunity to learn beyond the scope of their current position and in addition to their academic history. As we look at growth and expansion in this dynamic digital market place, we are focussed on training our employees in the latest technologies, digital advancements and disruptive trends which will in the long term enable us to become a business that is more effective and efficient. For employees who are passionate about learning, we offer sustained growth opportunities to boost morale and reduce employee turnover. Over the last few years, our focus on up-skilling the workforce using e-learning, mobile learning and micro learning has been rewarding on multiple fronts; We enjoy a competitive edge that is a direct result of the enhanced collaboration between employees and their technology. For PAPL an increasingly agile workforce has helped us develop an adaptable business model for the future.

Progress Driven by Technology

PAPL endeavours to become India’s preferred manufacturing facility for Grain ENA, Ethanol, DDGS and C02 in the coming years. Our pursuit of this goal is primarily driven by the adoption of the newest technologies and manufacturing processes. A continuous process of upgrading our facilities, production equipment and the digitisation of management techniques has enabled us to collaborate with the biggest liquor manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that operate in India. PAPL recognises that the future of our industry lies in automation, the adoption of IoT techniques as well as an exploration of AI methodologies as they develop.We have implemented QR Codes, CRM, SFA for better reach to consumer and consumer engagement. Our growth story will largely be made possible by the technology that enables us to focus on improving quality and efficiency as we sustainably increase our production in multiple verticals. In addition to operational efficiencies , adopting new technologies also aids PAPL in our endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly solutions.

Raising A Responsible Toast

Being a part of the Alcohol manufacturing industry, it is imperative that we as a business proactively promote the practice of responsible consumption of alcohol. We have stringently adopted and followed the industry guidelines for community education because the awareness of responsible alcohol consumption has been a corner stone of our relationship with the communities in which we exist. PAPL aims to undertake various community outreach programs that focus on public health and safety by rising awareness about responsible consumption of beverage alcohol products. Our primary focus lies in educating the community, especially the younger population about the dangers of driving or operating heavy machinery under the influence while also actively discouraging excessive consumption. As we grow, we aim to transform each one of our employees into community ambassadors who will further the PAPL campaign of safer communities that understand, practice and enjoy their alcohol with responsibility.

Green Footprints Lead to Better Communities

Since it’s establishment, PAPL has constantly made efforts to enrich the communities in which it operates. We envision our growth and progress to translate into increased opportunities for the community at-large.

While providing employment opportunities to the local population has just been a beginning, we continue our efforts in social development programmes. Our facility is located in the pristine Himalayas, which makes us overtly conscious of our responsibility to adopt and promote environmentally sustainable processes. PAPL is proud to be a Zero Effluent Discharge Manufacturer. We also use each by product to ensure zero wastage of precious natural resources; DDGS is used in the poultry and dairy industry for high protein animal feed, CO2 is recaptured for use in factory operations and Fly Ash is recycled into compacted bricks for construction. With community development focussed CSR programs we hope to make increasingly bigger impacts on the communities that we serve.